21st European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Košice, Slovakia

9 - 12 September 2008

Conference poster

Oral Presentations

Tuesday, 9-SEP-2008

Session 7
Chair: Olga Ryazhskaya
09:15T. Wibig
Ultra High-Energy Interaction of CR protons
Download (.pps, 27MB)
09:50R. Conceicao
Net-Baryon Physics Basic Mechanisms
Download (.pdf, 896kB)
10:05M. Kasztelan
Measurements and interpretation of registration of large number of neutrons generated in lead by the EAS core
Download (.pdf, 1MB)
10:20A. Surdo
Measurement of the inelastic proton-air cross section with ARGO-YBJ
Download (.ppt, 5MB)
10:35A.U. Kudzhaev
The registraton of muon and hadronic components of EAS at the muon detector with threshold energy 1GeV of Baksan Neutrino Observatory
Download (.pps, 7MB)
10:50A.U. Kudzhaev
Investigation of muon and hadronic components at the muon detector with threshold energy 1 GeV of Carpet-2 shower array
Download (.ppt, 248kB)
11:05Y. Muraki
LHCf collaboration Current status of the LHCf experiment
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Session 8
Chair: Daniele Martello
11:45S. Gabici
GeV and TeV gamma ray astronomy
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12:20V. Sinitsyna
A search for astrophysical point sources of neutrino with high mountain SHALON mirror Cherenkov telescope
Download (.pdf, 794kB)
12:35V. Sinitsyna
10 years of Flaring activity of Cygnus X-3 and new galactic Binary 2129+47XR
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
12:50V. Sinitsyna
Integral spectra, spectral energy distributions and images of the close metagalactic sources SN2006gy, NGC 1275, Mkn 421, Mkn 501
Download (.pdf, 1MB)
Chair: Maria Giller
14:30K. Kawata
Observations of TeV gamma rays with the Tibet air shower array and future prospects
Download (.ppt, 7MB)
14:45T. Di Girolamo
Search for emission from Gamma Ray Bursts with the ARGO-YBJ detector
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15:00D. Haas
POLAR: Design of a novel X-ray polarimeter based on plastic scintillators and multi-anode photomultipliers
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15:15Short presentations of posters
Session 4
Chair: Ismail Sabbah
17:30I.G. Usoskin
Terrestrial Effects of Cosmic Rays on Different Time Scales
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18:05D.A. Timashkov
Observation of heliospheric disturbances in muon component of cosmic rays at ground level
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18:20R. Hippler
Integration of MuSTAnG in the international muon telescope network
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Wednesday, 10-SEP-2008

Session 6
Chair: Anatoly D. Erlykin
09:00M. Unger
Cosmic Rays above the Knee
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
09:35M. Giller
Influence of Cherenkov light on shower light images
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
09:50P. Gorodetzky
Download (.ppt, 5MB)
10:05V.V. Prosin
Cosmic Ray Mass Composition by the Data of Tunka-25 EAS Cherenkov Array
Download (.ppt, 37MB)
10:20J.N. Capdevielle
Towards the transGZK era
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10:35P. Luczak
Muon tracking in KASCADE-Grande: lateral distributions of EAS muon densities
10:50A.A. Mikhailov
Arrival Directions of UHECR on the Celestial Sphere
Chair: Daniel Kuempel
11:35I.I. Yashin
Investigation of primary cosmic ray spectrum shape by means of EAS muon density technique
Download (.ppt, 6MB)
11:50T. Wibig
Heavy Cosmic Ray Nuclei from Extragalactic Sources above The Ankle
Download (.pps, 2MB)
12:05G. Hovsepyan
Size and Energy Spectra of incident cosmic radiation obtained by the MAKEWT ANI surface array on mountain Aragats
Download (.ppt, 1MB)
12:20P. Homola
Photon Physics with Auger
Download (.pdf, 3MB)
12:35E. M. Santos
Anisotropy Studies with Auger
Download (.pdf, 3MB)
12:50A. Tamburro
Neutrino detection with the surface array of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Download (.pdf, 4MB)
Chair: Jean-Noel Capdevielle
14:30S. Klepser
First Results from the IceTop Air Shower Array
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
14:45A. Chiavassa
The KASCADE-Grande experiment: an overview
Download (.ppt, 3MB)
15:00A. Horneffer
Results from LOPES, an Overview
Download (.ppt, 4MB)
15:15K. Singh
Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with LOFAR
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Session 5
Chair: Manfred Simon
15:50P. Picozza
Cosmic Rays below the Knee
Download (.ppt, 11MB)
16:25A.N. Kvashnin
Measurements of cosmic ray particles in the energy range of 10^11 – 10^13 eV from the PAMELA experiment
Download (.ppt, 8MB)
16:40E. Mocchiutti
The PAMELA Experiment: Preliminary Results after Two Years of Data Taking
Download (.ppt, 4MB)
16:55P. Hofverberg
Measurements of low energy antiparticles with the PAMELA experiment
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
17:10C. Grimani
Aspects of cosmic-ray positron astrophysics
Download (.pdf, 18MB)
17:25M. Buchvarova
Primary Cosmic Ray Spectra in the Planet Atmospheres
Download (.ppt, 2MB)
17:40A. Putze
A Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Galactic Cosmic Ray Physics
Download (.pdf, 833kB)
17:55A. Putze
Third flight of the CREAM experiment
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Thursday, 11-SEP-2008

Session 1
Chair: Yuri Stozhkov
09:00E.O. Flückiger
The relationship of cosmic rays to the environment
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09:35S. Kavlakov
Atlantic hurricanes, geomagnetic disturbances and cosmic ray intensity changes
Download (.ppt, 1MB)
09:50W. Rühm
Continuous measurements of secondary neutrons from cosmic radiation at low atmospheric and low geomagnetic shielding by means of Bonner Sphere Spectrometers
Download (.ppt, 28MB)
10:05A.W. Wolfendale
What fraction of low cloud cover is connected with cosmic rays?
Download (.ppt, 9MB)
10:20J. Kirkby
The CLOUD experiment at CERN
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Session 3
Chair: Peter Kiraly
11:00B. Klecker
Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere
Download (.ppt, 44MB)
11:35E. Daibog
Decay Phase of Proton and Electron SEP Events
Download (.ppt, 2MB)
11:50M.B. Krainev
On the magnetic cycle in the GCR intensity in the inner and outer heliosphere
Download (.ppt, 196kB)
12:05K. Kecskeméty
Quiet-time proton fluxes in the streamer belt: information from Ulysses
Download (.ppt, 174kB)
12:20C. Grimani
The potentialities of LISA as an observatory for solar and cosmic-ray physics at 1 AU far from Earth
Download (.ppt, 8MB)
12:35I.S. Petukhov
Dynamics of the galactic cosmic ray intensity in presence of solar wind disturbances
Download (.ppt, 4MB)
12:50A. Struminsky
On estimates of first solar proton arrival
Download (.ppt, 516kB)
14:45General Discussion
Cosmic rays and climate, Chair: Arnold W. Wolfendale
Download (.ppt, 605kB)
15:45General Discussion
JEM-EUSO, Chair: Philippe Gorodetzky

Friday, 12-SEP-2008

Session 3
Chair: Jozsef Kota
09:00Y.I. Stozhkov
Cosmic ray modulation as observed in stratospheric measurements
Download (.ppt, 377kB)
Download (.ppt, 462kB)
09:15Yu. Fedorov
Stochastic acceleration of cosmic rays in anisotropic plasma turbulence
Download (.ppt, 1MB)
09:30D. Grandi
2D Stochastic Monte Carlo to evaluate the modulation of GCR for positive and negative periods
Download (.ppt, 2MB)
09:45E.V. Vashenyuk
Relativistic solar cosmic rays dynamics in large ground level events
Download (.ppt, 6MB)
10:00Yu. I. Balabin
Relativistic SPE Events of 19 solar cycle: modeling study
Download (.ppt, 3MB)
Chair: Mikhail Panasyuk
11:00P. Király
Recent Voyager data and unexpected properties of the heliospheric termination shock
Download (.pdf, 892kB)
11:15J. Kota
Galactic and Anomalous Cosmic Rays in the Heliosheath
Download (.ppt, 5MB)
11:30E. Eroshenko
Cosmic ray variation properties during Forbush effects associated with far western solar sources
Download (.ppt, 4MB)
Session 2
11:45E.E. Antonova
Regular and turbulent mechanisms of relativistic electron acceleration in the magnetosphere if the Earth: Theoretical treatment and results of experimental observations
Download (.ppt, 13MB)
12:20V. Mikhailov
Trapped charge particles measurements in radiation belts by PAMELA instrument
Download (.ppt, 987kB)
12:35L. Grishantseva
Secondary electron and positron fluxes in the Earth magnetosphere near the geomagnetic equator
Chair: Helen Mavromichalaki
14:30M. Gervasi
Evaluation of the flux of CR nuclei inside the magnetosphere
Download (.ppt, 3MB)
14:45V.S. Makhmutov
Characteristics of muon flux distribution in the atmosphere during solar activity minimum
Download (.ppt, 1MB)
15:00A. Chilingarian
Surface Particle Detectors in Space Weather forecast
Download (.pdf, 3MB)
15:15U.B. Jayanthi
Antiprotons of interstellar origin at balloon altitudes: Flux simulations
Download (.ppt, 2MB)
15:30I.N. Myagkova
Extreme values of SEP penetration boundaries in the Earths magnetosphere
Download (.ppt, 4MB)
Session 9
Chair: Marisa Storini
16:30C.T. Steigies
NMDB: real-time database for high resolution neutron monitor measurements
Download (.pdf, 4MB)
16:45K. Jedrzejczak
Thermal neutron background measurements in Gran Sasso Laboratory
Download (.pdf, 408kB)
17:00A. Chilingarian
Research of the Galactic Cosmic Rays from knee till cutoff (10^16-10^19) eV at Aragats Cosmic Ray Observatory
Download (.pdf, 4MB)
17:15F. Jansen
Space Situational Awareness and Cosmic Rays
Download (.pdf, 2MB)
Closing session
17:40A.W. Wolfendale
Cosmic Rays: Perspectives for the future
Download (.pdf, 67kB)
18:10I. Usoskin
ECRS-2010 in Finland
Download (.ppt, 3MB)